Interns and Research Assistants
GDC is always looking for strong students and researchers. A strong preference is given to students who have been admitted to MIT. Similarly, research assistant positions are typically filled internally by graduate students.

To apply, send a one page resume to

Undergraduate Students
Research labs and centers do not directly admit undergraduate students. To participate, students must first be admitted to an academic department.

If you wish to apply to MIT or are looking for information on how to prepare for an MIT education, visit MIT’s admissions website at

Once you have applied and been admitted, we encourage you to explore the many UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) opportunities available at the MIT Geospatial Data Center (GDC).

Graduate Students

GDC is a cross disciplinary center where graduate students from many academic departments carry out their research. In order to join GDC as a graduate student, you need to first apply and be admitted to an academic department.

Each academic department has directions on how to apply on their department web site.