“The MIT Geospatial Data Center is dedicated to Large Scale Simulation, Cyber Physical Security, Big Data, and Holistic System Data Visualization”

John Williams, Director

Professor John Williams was recently named alongside Bill Gates and Larry Ellison as one of the 50 most powerful people for Computer Networks in the world.

He is a MIT Professor of Information Engineering within the Engineering Systems Division and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He also heads the Grid/Agent Computing Program at MIT, which develops distributed systems that simulate U.S. critical infrastructure.

Most importantly, he serves as the Director for the MIT GDC (Auto-ID Lab, Geonumerics Group, Center for Grid Computing, and Intelligent Engineering Systems Lab).

Internet of Things Group; Intelligent Engineering Group; Software Architecture Group

Abel Sanchez, Executive director, More Info …

Dr. Abel Sanchez has long been regarded as a ranking expert for Smart Grid Objects and Interoperability. He also specializes in Sharing Rules, Interoperable Messaging, Global Engineering, Design Networks, Distributed Data Stores, Multicore, Smart Cities, and Spatial Visualization.

In addition to teaching Architecting and Engineering Software Systems at MIT, he is a Ford Foundation Fellow and National Research Council of the National Academies Fellow.

Most importantly, he serves as the Executive Director and Chief Technology Architect for the MIT GDC.

Internet of Things Group; Intelligent Engineering Group; Software Architecture Group


Advisory Board – Geospatial Technology

Advisory Board – Geocoded Media

Advisory Board – Geocentric Cyber Security

Advisory Board – Geolocated Supply Chain

Leadership Committee – Professor Joseph Ferreira

Leadership Committee – Professor Olivier de Weck

Leadership Committee – Professor Sanjay E. Sarma